Monday, September 01, 2008

It’s My Birthday & I’ll Smile If I Want To!

Today is my birthday and I am giving myself some great presents today & I have some wonderful things to celebrate!

I am celebrating that the pilot program for eBiz4Youth – Nonprofit Program for At-Risk Youth will be starting in a couple of weeks in a middle school in Athens, GA! This is my big passion, dream and it is finally happening! I’m super stoked about this!

I am celebrating my friendships and business relationships I am building. I met some incredible people last weekend at StomperNet Live 6. And I am going to Orlando in a few weeks where I know I will meet some more great people at a one day workshop and then a three-day conference and reconnect with some of the Program Advisors for eBiz4Youth.

I am also giving myself some presents, not things, but gifts that cannot be bought in a store. I am making time for me in my life. If you are a parent (or even a workaholic entrepreneur), then you know how important a present this is!

I am going making some changes in my life for ME! Is this selfish? I don’t think so! If I am happier, I will be more productive with eBiz4Youth and a better mom to my three kids.

I started last week on a plan to make time to take care of my health and my body. This is not just for vanity – I have lupus and have had chronic pain for years, which was worsened by a car accident a few years ago. Taking care of health is critical for my productivity, my health, and for being a good mom to my kids. I have lost four pounds already and can feel my muscles getting stronger. This is a great present!

I am also doing some fun stuff for me. I am also a songwriter, but I have put that on the back burner for years. I recorded one song about seven years ago, but I have a lot of other songs I have written that I want to record in the future. I took the first step toward that goal by setting up a page this weekend with some of my songs on a new site I found through Twitter, Start My Song. If you want to check any of them out and rate them, I would love the feedback!

After eBiz4Youth gets going really well, I will be starting a side project, a simple review site in an area that is fun! I’m looking at it as a hobby that will also happen to make money.

Today my kids’ dad is helping my son Elijah move all of his stuff out of the room that will eventually become a dance/recording studio & back to his room downstairs. That is a way cool present for me!

I am going out later with my family to celebrate my birthday this evening. And I’ll be going out with some friends to celebrate next weekend since a lot of them are out of town for Labor Day.

Thanks to everyone on Twitter and Facebook who has been wishing me a happy birthday! This is going to be my best year ever!


Anonymous said...

great spirits! congratz and I hope you manage to achieve a great deal!
bye, nada (your facebook friend)

Julette Millien said...

What a refreshingly honest and unpretentious post! Thank you!

We thought our 16 yr old had lupus - Dr's thought I should say. and with a niece (mom of 3)who has it for years now, we did a bunch of research - Finding out today that you have Lupus makes me even more impressed with your commitment and online presence.

You're amazing - sent Bday message on facebook...we're working in our community with youth as well.

Thank you for all you do.
Julette Millien

Juliet Easton said...

Thanks, Nada!

Thanks for your kind comments! I am glad to find out that your son doesn't have Lupus! I appreciate the birthday wishes on facebook and the messages on twitter.

It's great to connect with other Stompers who are working with youth!